Ulcer Related to Diabetes?


15% of diabetics will develop a debilitating ulcer.

Diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) are developed by diabetic patients. These foot ulcers lead to immobility and possible amputation. This can be prevented by being treated in time.


Current Therapies are not producing adequate results

Millions of people around the world suffer from trouble healing and because of that a sharply reduced quality of life. The cost to our healthcare system is out of control and the trends are only getting worse.

We want to be part of a solution that is:


Instead of requiring highly specialized training, Stimetix™ is developing solutions that can be prescribed by physicians and hospitals around the world, allowing for home treatments of their patients using their time more effectively and frequently, and producing positive outcomes.


Stimetix™ is creating a cost-effective therapy that can be used outside of hospitals and physician’s offices and instead directly inside the patient’s home. The ability for the patient to execute the therapy safely in their home allows for daily treatment of their conditions ultimately yielding tangible progress in the battle of wound care.


Instead of just managing stubborn deteriorating wounds with mixed or frustrating results, Stimetix™ provides the ability to track and predict future outcomes as well as recommend possible treatment plans, documents the process and does it all remotely and consistently with early warnings if there is any deterioration in progress.

The Stimetix™ Mission

Our Goal: Increase the quality of life for millions of patients with diabetic foot ulcers

Stimetix™ is a medical technology company focused on providing innovative wound care solutions that improve a patient’s quality of life with a focus on the physician being able to treat the patient remotely and effectively for this portion of the treatment.

We are creating the first commercially available “cloud connected wound treatment and monitoring device”. This device not only treats wounds but also improves the patient’s recovery time through inductive bio-stimulation combined with various forms of light therapy.

Our Monitoring

Wireless. Remote. Efficient.

The Stimetix™ device features wireless, remote monitoring capabilities that can track treatment adherence while recording the patient’s activity levels and current wounds conditions. Data is sent to the cloud-based platform, so clinicians can monitor physician and patient compliance. The power of artificial intelligence technology and machine learning assist the medical professional in ways humans can’t. All this helps the doctor become more successful at treating this condition.

By increasing the frequency of therapy remotely without the difficulty of travel to and from the hospital or clinic (especially in times of a pandemic) patients with diabetic foot ulcers essentially get more treatment with less logistics, Stimetix™ enables clinicians to focus on the most critical healthcare needs.